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Digital Coach, IT, WebMaster

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Training Digital, IT
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My role as a digital coach for seniors goes far beyond simple technical training. I aim to create an inclusive and supportive environment, enabling learners to feel confident and comfortable with new technologies. Whether it’s using a smartphone, surfing the web, communicating via social networks, or learning the basics of cyber security, I’m there to guide and support every step of the way.

By combining my in-depth knowledge of information technology with my passion for teaching, I strive to empower seniors in the ever-changing digital world. Every success, every discovery, and every advance in their mastery of digital tools reinforces my belief that age is not a barrier to learning, but rather an opportunity for renewal and fulfillment.

Working together, we can turn digital challenges into exciting opportunities, and I’m here to provide the support and knowledge to help you navigate with confidence.

If you’re a senior citizen keen to explore the digital world and develop your IT skills, I’m here to accompany you on this exciting adventure. Together, we’ll discover the wonders of technology and help you fully embrace the potential of the digital age. 

Don’t hesitate to contact me to start your personalized digital coaching journey today.


As a digital and IT coach specialising in supporting senior citizens, my aim is to open the doors of modern technology to those who want to make the most of digital tools. With a personalised approach tailored to the specific needs of senior citizens, I'm committed to making learning about IT accessible, intuitive and rewarding.

Address: 42, rue du Soleil - L-7336 Steinsel (Luxembourg)

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