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Accelerate Your Transformation Digital

By choosing to work with our will unlock your full potential and gain the skills you need to succeed in an ever-changing digital and informatique  world.

Local service

You won't have to travel, and you can learn in the comfort of your own home.


Simplicity and clarity

Our aim is to make technology accessible to everyone.


Ease and fun

Understanding before you learn.


Regular updates

We strive the latest information you at the forefront of technology.

Teaching approach adapted to all levels

Whether you're an absolute beginner or already have some knowledge of technology or computing, we have courses to suit all levels.We believe in creating an inclusive learning environment where everyone can progress at their own pace.

Your Partenaire Digital

Let's humanize digital technology and ensure that it is a tool that serves us all, than a force that isolates us.

By making the use of technology accessible to all, creating spaces for real connection, protecting our data and encouraging creativity and critical thinking, we can restore a balance between the digital world and our humanity. Working together, we can shape a positive and inclusive digital future.

For the past 9 years, we have been loyally supporting our customers.

Consulting, IT and digital training, technical support.

16 More Clients

We are delighted to welcome 16 new customers to our family! Thank you for your confidence.

OS Apple (SONOMa and other). 99%
Digital (iPad IOS 17 and OTHERS). 99%
Digital (iPhone IOS 17 and OTHERS). 99%
Windows 10-11. 95%
Digital (aNDROID). 95%
technical support.
Why CHoice Us

For us you are unique !

That’s why we take a personalized approach to meet your unique specific needs.

Our greatest strengths are being kind and patient ! 😊
Around of Luxembourg 50 kms

Trainings and technical support at your home.

Flexible Package

Flexible pricing according to your needs.

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“Remember the crucial moments, the moments before the nervous breakdown. They hold the key to understanding what went wrong and how to avoid it happening again. Don’t underestimate the power of hindsight. Take note and act accordingly.”

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What We Ppropos
Enroll now for personalized training to stay competitive.

Working together, we’ll be able to identify the areas where you want to make progress and set achievable goals. I will ensure that our training sessions’ content is tailored to your current skill level, using real-life examples and practical exercises to help you understand.

Getting to know the world of technology. A senior couple using a digital at home.
Training at home

Home training

Get personalized training sessions at your home for a comfortable learning experience.

Technology-in-nursing-home 2024
Digital for seniors

For Senior

Choose our Digital Senior Package, tailored to make digital technologies more user-friendly and enhance the online experience for senior citizens.

Senior business man, portrait and smile in office at corporate company for testimonial and motivati
indépendant (e)

Freelance Special

Freelance Special, is an exclusive deal for freelance experts. This deal provides customized tools and resources to enhance your freelance business and help you accomplish your objectives for success.

New User Sale

Making digital technology accessible to seniors

Assisting elderly individuals in accessing digital technology can enhance their quality of life and connectivity to the world. This can be achieved by providing suitable instruction, streamlined interfaces, tangible benefits, intergenerational support, and technical assistance.

25% OFF

Woman buying electronics
Woman buying electronics

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Senior business man, portrait and smile in office at corporate company for testimonial and motivati

Corporate Package

Whether you are an entrepreneur, consultant or independent professional, we are here to help you grow your business and achieve your goals.

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